My First Arna Anthotypes

I’ve been itching to get started on printing some Anthotypes: photographic prints made with dye extracted from plants. It’s an interesting challenge because here in southern Sweden, at this time of year, flowers and sunlight are not in great supply! Kerstin had some tulips in a vase that she was going to throw away but then she remembered me. I managed to extract enough colour to coat two small sheets of paper… 

 I chose paper from an old book about Swedish flowers and a piece of Matt inkjet printing card. The tulips were a mauve-purple colour. As I expected, the colours dried quiet differently.

Luckily for me, the weather today is bright and sparkling: perfect for Anthotypes. Rather than make a transparency, I decided to use some scraps of Swedish handmade lace and embroidered cotton (thanks again Kerstin!) 

  I wonder who made these pieces?

 Of course, the frames are from IKEA! Now they’re sitting in the window of my studio. Over the next weeks, I’ll place them at different windows in Arnold’s house, so they will be able to bask in as much available sunlight as possible. Tulips give quite fast results, so I’m hoping that in two or three weeks, I may have some Anthotypes to share.

For more information about the Anthotype process see here 


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