Post Cards_Say my hello to friends

Not exactly looking for a bit of haven here, I feel I’ve been there. Life is full of all for artistic practice now. I am happy.

After a few days for adjusting myself to here as home, I’ve prepared and sent some post cards to my friends. Hoping to get those back by 17th March, I think the first two were too rough and much forced to tell everything at once. Those may turn in failures though, as collaborative work, we’ll see.

There are the first two below. The first was sent for Mi-jin in Italy and the second one for Song-yee in France.

copy 20160229_150143_Burst03copy 20160229_162022

And others are below. In those, I tried not to put so many meanings or images.

The third is for Youme in Germany and the forth is for Binna in Korea. The last one is for our dearest Arnold in Harlösa.


Nettie once asked me do I miss my country or family.

Sometimes, somehow, I don’ know why, but I’ve had a wave of nostalgia from somewhere which I have never been in. Someone can tell it’s not nostalgia it’s some desire or wanting. It’s not easy to explain what is exactly like…Maybe I can try to say those in pictures.. Anyway, we’ve got the Internet! So, I can get their concepts though-yes, I miss their feelings, though, still I am as happy as can be.


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