what a fun collaborative prank

photo by Arnold Hagström

 One night, after dinner, we were in a little chat, as usual, sitting  around at Arnold’s kitchen table where Nettie loves to sit and stay working with her colors.

 We noticed a paper bag from ICA has a bird on each side.  So, one suggestion came out about a fake art admiring Arnold’s work and we put it into a real work all at once right away. What a collaboration!

 So, the background flower patterns came from the wall of the staircase to basement at Arnold’s house and of course were taken by our best photographer, Nettie, and painted as well by her and Marianne. And two parrots are yes from the ICA candy bag and painted by Marianne and me. About the two parrots,  I assumed myself, which can’t be seen in this Avian Kingdom area. So, technically, I hope the parrots show you that it’s the fake one although it has two birds which seem very Arnold’s.

We put the fake art in one of his frames secretly, which he’d forgotten to carry with him for his exhibition and left on the closet near the gate door that afternoon, then we expected the next morning when he could find it out. AND VOILA!

 Yes, we are enjoying our staying here heartily with full of fun.

 See_this is where I live; where to piece life to art.




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