where it belongs

the two days with Anders :

Anders, who is humble himself but a very creative technician and a consultant on nature protection and its practical matters, so who built the group Skrä0Änglarna, took us around in Skåne for two days.

On the first day, we went to a big yard near Vomb village, where there are various big trees. We collected some garbage there and took our own inspirations of the moment.  We couldn’t clear every spot, that was technically impossible. But he told it’s more important for us to do the little things and that will make steps.


And on the second day, we had another company on our journey who is his 4-year-old grandchild named Alvar.  He told us some kids considered it as a game or finding jewels. Actually, that was a good education for young generation.

Anders drove us to the very southern part of Skåne. We reached on a beach, Abbekås,  and there we got the other friend, Stefan Brage, also another co-founder of  the group Skrä0Änglarna. During cleaning the beach picking up the litter, I could remember that I was standing in a terrible oil spill at TaeAn peninsula in Korea, December  2007. That was a huge disaster and brought tons of death of nature life, including various birds. Shocked many people, according to statistics, over 2 million volunteers gathered at TaeAn beach trying to wipe and clean every piece of stones by hands. Yes, we did.

This is one of the video I’ve searched via youtube about the accident in 2007.

After 6 years from the accident, Korean government announced that TaeAn area recovered its condition almost as same as usual. And after one more year, the test results proved once again that it’s lower than its international level.

Some once made direct printing images from the dead birds, but that could never be any artistic interest for me, I could, anyone could have attempted to, but it’s just cruel document. (Okay, it’s just my opinion whatsoever…)

photo by YONHAP News 2007.12.9

So damaged… we sometimes don’t know when to put things back, maybe we are still too poor, or too busily occupied with something.  Getting older, every year, I kind of learn how to get thing back where it originally belongs. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to tell what is its origin and what is the truth or false. We don’t know, I mean I don’t know. But I’m learning it from people from nature and from growing inner voice. And the things, I think, those are including myself as well. And of course good education is always simply the way.


I wrote it down a bit heavily though, our journey ended up with warm and unexpected surprising lunch and tea time.

And I really appreciate those two kind gentlemen who showed us what is Scandinavian.

Tack tack 🙂


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