Coffee To Go! 

It seems an age since I coated papers with boiled coffee grounds, beetroot peelings and onion skin, all left over from our meals in Arnold’s kitchen. Today I thought I’d take a look and was delighted to discover that my Anthotype was ready! Here is a view of Harlösa created with coffee, beetroot and onion… 

 The exposure has taken about five weeks but it  was worth the wait!

Meantime, flowers are appearing everywhere and I’m collecting colours to take back to England.  


A couple of weeks ago, Kerstin gifted me some Forsythia twigs. A week or so later, they magically (or so it seemed) burst into flower. I wasn’t sure how strong the dye would be but decided to give it a go. Another surprise: a good, rich yellow. The photo here is far too green but it indicates the depth of tone: should be perfect for an Anthotype. A happy memory to recreate once I’ve returned to England. 


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