With  great help of two Göran  who are in its Union, on 7th April, we residentcy artists, Nettie, Marianne, Ji-ii, and our dearest friend and consultant Anders, have visited windmill near Harlösa.

This windmill was quite interesting place for me because it still has its functions and people have been keeping interests on it and keeping very specific its own stories, so it seemed to me the building was standing alive.

For instance, personally, I’ve had sketched characters for long who are needed their own place, I felt like I found the perfect place for them- adding another character, a goat running all over the windmill, which is from the original history of the windmill itself.

This place is expecting a little renovation and artistic touches by the third coming ARNA residency artists after midsummer project. The intergrafting artworks must be something else! I am so expecting on this ARNA project, too!


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