Goodbye and Hello

This will be my last day in Harlösa. I can’t express just how sad I feel to be leaving this beautiful place and all my wonderful new friends. I’m especially going to miss my fellow artists Marianne and Ji-ii but it’s not the end of our friendship or creative collaboration. Today I’ll post four Anthotype postcards to Pakistan, Paris, Canada and South Korea. Each plastic wallet contains a sheet of beetroot-coated paper and a transparency of a photograph from Harlösa. The recipients (four artist friends including Marianne and Ji-ii) will tape the wallet to a window in their home and return it to me when the Anthotype is ready. Then they will return the exposed coated papers to me, along with a modified transparency with which I’ll create a new Anthotype in England. So our creative conversations will continue across the globe as we share our feelings about the theme: Here I Am, Home is where I Am.

Here are the postcards and the images that are printed on the transparencies. All special memories of my wonderful Arna residency: an experience never to forget that will stay in my heart forever. 



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