More Anthotype postcards

I just came back from a residency in Belgium and this postcard was waiting for me. I was very happy to have a memory of Harlösa, but I’m nostalgic now.



A window view of Harlösa from South Korea

The second of my Anthotype postcards sent the Day before I left Harlösa has arrived! Here are the photos that fellow resident artist Ji-ii Choi sent me from South Korea. The original photograph was taken along the road heading out of Harlösa to Vom, looking towards Harlösa. 

Thanks for the photos Ji-ii! I look forward to seeing the results! 

Postcard Greetings to Harlösa from Paris 

Just before I left Harlösa (such a sad day!) I began a postal project that I hope will keep alive for me the residency’s spirit of collaborative creative sharing. Four beetroot-coated papers and photo transparencies (images of Harlösa) in transparent envelopes, ready to place in windows for exposure, were sent to four artist friends, across the globe.

Here is photographic artist Évelyne Coutas taping her Anthotype of the ICA store sign to the window of her Parisian apartment. The window faces her local store so she’ll be sending me a transparency depicting it, with which to create an Anthotype in England. 

I’m looking forward to hearing news of the other Anthotype postcards. 

Goodbye and Hello

This will be my last day in Harlösa. I can’t express just how sad I feel to be leaving this beautiful place and all my wonderful new friends. I’m especially going to miss my fellow artists Marianne and Ji-ii but it’s not the end of our friendship or creative collaboration. Today I’ll post four Anthotype postcards to Pakistan, Paris, Canada and South Korea. Each plastic wallet contains a sheet of beetroot-coated paper and a transparency of a photograph from Harlösa. The recipients (four artist friends including Marianne and Ji-ii) will tape the wallet to a window in their home and return it to me when the Anthotype is ready. Then they will return the exposed coated papers to me, along with a modified transparency with which I’ll create a new Anthotype in England. So our creative conversations will continue across the globe as we share our feelings about the theme: Here I Am, Home is where I Am.

Here are the postcards and the images that are printed on the transparencies. All special memories of my wonderful Arna residency: an experience never to forget that will stay in my heart forever. 


Coffee To Go! 

It seems an age since I coated papers with boiled coffee grounds, beetroot peelings and onion skin, all left over from our meals in Arnold’s kitchen. Today I thought I’d take a look and was delighted to discover that my Anthotype was ready! Here is a view of Harlösa created with coffee, beetroot and onion… 

 The exposure has taken about five weeks but it  was worth the wait!

Meantime, flowers are appearing everywhere and I’m collecting colours to take back to England.  


A couple of weeks ago, Kerstin gifted me some Forsythia twigs. A week or so later, they magically (or so it seemed) burst into flower. I wasn’t sure how strong the dye would be but decided to give it a go. Another surprise: a good, rich yellow. The photo here is far too green but it indicates the depth of tone: should be perfect for an Anthotype. A happy memory to recreate once I’ve returned to England.